Mizuno British Rowing Indoor Championships 2018

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2014/15 RESULTS

8th February 2015

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E0 Open Men 2000m
E1 Open LWT Men 2000m
E2 Open Women 2000m
E3 Open LWT Women 2000m
E4 U23 Men 2000m
E5 U23 Women 2000m
E6 U23 LWT Men 2000m
E7 U23 LWT Women 2000m
E8 Masters 30-39 Men 2000m
E9 Masters 30-39 Women 2000m
E10 Masters 30-39 LWT Men 2000m
E11 Masters 30-39 LWT Women 2000m
E12 Masters 40-49 Men 2000m
E13 Masters 40-49 Women 2000m
E14 Masters 40-49 LWT Men 2000m
E15 Masters 40-49 LWT Women 2000m
E16 Masters 50-54 Men 2000m
E17 Masters 50-54 Women 2000m
E18 Masters 50-54 LWT Men 2000m
E19 Masters 50-54 LWT Women 2000m
E20 Masters 55-59 Men 2000m
E21 Masters 55-59 Women 2000m
E22 Masters 55-59 LWT Men 2000m
E23 Masters 55-59 LWT Women 2000m
E24 Masters 60-64 Men 2000m
E25 Masters 60-64 Women 2000m
E26 Masters 60-64 LWT Men 2000m
E27 Masters 60-64 LWT Women 2000m
E28 Masters 65-69 Men 2000m
E29 Masters 65-69 Women 2000m
E30 Masters 65-69 LWT Men 2000m
E32 Masters 70-74 Men 2000m
E33 Masters 70-74 Women 2000m
E34 Masters 70-74 LWT Men 2000m
E35 Masters 70-74 LWT Women 2000m
E36 Masters 75-79 Men 2000m
E38 Masters 75-79 LWT Men 2000m
E40 Masters 80-84 Men 2000m
E42 Masters 80-84 LWT Men 2000m
E46 Masters 85-89 LWT Men 2000m
E60 Open Men 1000m
E61 Open LWT Men 1000m
E62 Open Women 1000m
E120 Year 7 Boys 2mins
E121 Year 7 Girls 2mins
E122 Year 8 Boys 3mins
E123 Year 8 Girls 3mins
E124 Year 9 Boys 4mins
E125 Year 9 Girls 4mins
E126 Year 10 Boys 5mins
E127 Year 10 Girls 5mins
E128 Year 11 Boys 6mins
E129 Year 11 Girls 6mins
E130 Sixth Form Boys 2000m
E131 Sixth Form Girls 2000m
E132 AS Men 1000m
E133 AS Women 1000m
E134 RUS Men 1000m
E135 RFS Women 1000m
E136 TA Men 1000m
E137 TA Women 1000m
E138 LTA Men 1000m
E139 LTA Women 1000m
E164 DeClassified 2000m
E165 DeClassified 1000m
E176 Men's Relay Round1
E177 Men's Relay Round2
E178 Men's Relay Final
E179 Women's Relay Round1
E180 Women's Relay Final
E181 Mixed Relay Round1
E182 Mixed Relay Round2
E183 Mixed Relay Final

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